Friends Fighting Cancer Guidelines

Alignment With Mission

The Friends of Dartmouth Cancer Center’s mission is to support Dartmouth Cancer Center by raising funds for cancer research and patient support services, by increasing awareness of our NCI-designated Comprehensive Cancer Center, and by acting as ambassadors for the Cancer Center and the communities it serves.

  1. Fundraisers must be registered with Friends of Dartmouth Cancer Center using our online Fundraiser Registration Form. Recurring fundraisers must be registered annually.
  2. Fundraisers should complement Friends of Dartmouth Cancer Center's image and mission.
  3. Friends of Dartmouth Cancer Center must not be represented as the host of your event. It is appropriate to reference the fundraisers relationship to Friends of Dartmouth Cancer Center in the following matter, "Name of Event, benefiting Friends of Dartmouth Cancer Center."
  4. Friends of Dartmouth Cancer Center will not assume any legal or financial liability for third-party fundraisers. Fundraiser organizers are responsible for obtaining all necessary permits, licenses, and/or insurance.
  5. Please submit a budget with estimated revenues and expenses for your fundraiser. Friends of Dartmouth Cancer Center reserves the right to review and modify your budget. The New Hampshire Better Business Bureau recommends that charities spend no more than 30% of charitable contributions on fundraising. Friends of Dartmouth Cancer Center will not approve any fundraising event where the fund-raising costs exceed 30% of total income.
  6. Fundraisers must comply with all federal, state and local laws governing charitable fundraising, gift reporting, and special events. Donors must be notified regarding which portion of their contribution is tax deductible, and determinations must be made based on fair market value of all tickets and/or items. Please contact Friends of Dartmouth Cancer Center with questions or for more information.
  7. Friends of Dartmouth Cancer Center must approve, in advance, all copy for print materials using the “Friends of Dartmouth Cancer Center” or “Friends Fighting Cancer” brand, including invitations, advertisements, press releases, and posters. Our name and logos must not be altered or shortened, other than to use the acronym "FDCC" after first referring to "Friends of Dartmouth Cancer Center."
  8. Please notify Friends of Dartmouth Cancer Center staff if you plan to contact businesses, individuals, or organizations for sponsorship proposals. Please be prepared to provide Friends of Dartmouth Cancer Center with a list of organizations that you plan to approach, so that we can be sure that they have not already been solicited for a donation by Friends of Dartmouth Cancer Center.
  9. By agreeing to these guidelines you give full permission for the Dartmouth Cancer Center, Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center and its components to use your name, photograph, and any video footage of you in connection with this fundraiser.

Support Friends of Dartmouth Cancer Center Can Provide

  • Advice on fundraiser planning
  • A letter of authenticity for your event
  • Friends Fighting Cancer Logo (use must be approved by Friends of Dartmouth Cancer Center staff)
  • Information about Friends of Dartmouth Cancer Center, including funding priorities
  • Promotion of your fundraiser on our website and social media
  • An event toolkit and electronic templates

Support Friends of Dartmouth Cancer Center is Unable to Provide

  • On-site staffing and volunteers
  • Insurance coverage
  • Funding or expense reimbursement
  • Mailing lists
  • Advertising and promotion outside of our web page
  • Product endorsements
  • Our tax ID number for your use