Ideas and Best Practices


We created Friends Fighting Cancer to allow for grassroots fundraising of all shapes and sizes! Here are some ideas:

  • Birthday Fundraiser
  • Getting married? Ask for donations instead of gifts!
  • Set up a tribute page for a loved one
  • Plan a dinner party
  • Host a car wash
  • Sport tournaments
  • Host a yoga class
  • The sky is really the limit here!

Just remember to stay safe and follow all recommendations made by your state government and the CDC.

Top Fundraising Tips

  • Set a fundraising goal and let your potential donors know what it is.
  • Write a personal letter, create a newsletter or press release. If you write a letter, include a donation form and a self-addressed stamped return envelope.
  • Suggest a minimum gift amount or put down options in your letter soliciting for support/donations ($100, $50, $25).
  • Fundraise through Facebook. Money raised via Facebook Fundraising will sync with your participant center. Click here for instructions to set it up.
  • Write a personal note of thanks to each of your donors. This will go a long way, especially when you approach them next year!
  • Most importantly, don't be afraid to ask! You're not asking for money for your personal use—you're working to find a cure for cancer!
  • If you are doing this in memory or honor of someone, ask that person's friends and family for pledges and let your potential donors know. Telling a personal story about someone with cancer is a way for people to relate to you and your cause.
  • Matching gifts double your impact. Be sure to check if your employer has a matching gift program and if so, submit to have your gift matched.
  • Don't forget to mention that all donations to the Friends of Dartmouth Cancer Center are tax deductible. The tax ID is 26-4812335.

Dartmouth Cancer Center Stats to Use in Fundraising

  • Dartmouth Cancer Center is one of just 51 National Cancer Institute-designated comprehensive cancer centers in the country. Of those, 40 are in cities with a population of 1,000,000 or greater, and 50 are in cities with a population more than 250,000. Dartmouth Cancer Center is the ONLY one located in a population base of 25,000 serving a rural, often underserved population.
  • The National Cancer Institute (NCI) recently renewed the Cancer Center's designation as a comprehensive cancer center. The funding under the NCI renewal will support advances in immunotherapy, discovery of new treatments and advances in devices and imaging techniques that will lead to improved outcomes for Cancer Center patients.
  • Dartmouth Cancer Center is the only NCI-designated cancer center located north of Boston and east of Buffalo.
  • Dartmouth Cancer Center treats patients across 15 locations throughout New Hampshire and Vermont. Furthermore, discoveries in the laboratories and clinical facilities are available to patients through more than 150 clinical trials targeting many types of cancer.
  • With your gifts, our researchers are ...
    • Discovering new immunotherapies
    • Identifying cancer risks from environmental toxins
    • Contributing to FDA regulations regarding vaping
    • Designing new devices and imaging techniques to improve outcomes
  • With your gifts, patients and families are receiving supportive services geared toward easing the cancer journey. Thanks to your efforts, we can offer the following free of charge from the time of diagnosis:
    • Transportation and grocery assistance
    • Support groups via phone or in person
    • Massage, writing, and art therapy
    • Nutrition, yoga, mindfulness, and Tai Chi classes
    • Healing harp experiences