Prouty Participation Options

Prouty Route & Weather Update (July 12, 2023):

We are writing to share an update regarding the Prouty routes after the terrible rain that has hit our region in the last few days. Our thoughts are with all the people in the communities that were impacted.

Our Prouty Team is working hard to produce the best possible experience for our Prouty Community this weekend. Below are current updates for each participation type:

  • Ultimate: the Friday route in Vermont was heavily impacted and we will not be able to ride the route as planned. We are excited to share our new Ultimate route for Friday with you. The route is 77 miles, and we appreciate your understanding that we are not able to execute a full 100 mile route given the circumstances we are in. We will have four SAG stops along the fully-supported route, plus a water stop at the top of Mt. Cube.
  • Bike: we checked our Saturday cycling routes this morning and we are excited to share that we will be able to offer all routes to ride as planned, including our gravel ride.
  • Walk: all of our walk routes are all able to take place as planned.
  • Golf: our Prouty Golf is scheduled to take place as planned at Eastman Golf Links on Saturday.
  • Row: we are disappointed to share that we need to cancel the rowing component of the Prouty this year due to the heavy rainfall and debris in the water. Safety is our top priority. We appreciate everyone's understanding with this decision, and we hope all Prouty Rowers will join us on Saturday as a walker or cyclist.

The Prouty is just days away, we appreciate your flexibility and understanding. If you have any questions, or need to speak to us about your participation, please reach out to us at or (603) 646-5500. Thank you for your support and commitment to The Prouty and the Dartmouth Cancer Center!

The Prouty is more than a fundraising event. It’s a community of passionate (and active!) people who all have one goal in mind - to go all in to end cancer. And with so many ways to participate - from our family friendly walk to cycling, rowing, golf and more - we know there’s a Prouty for everyone. No matter which option you choose, you’ll be an invaluable addition to our community and our mission.

So what’s your Prouty?

Indoor Prouty

Prouty Virtual

Prouty Volunteer


In addition to the above benefits, all are invited to celebrate with the entire community at The Prouty Party starting at 11:00am on July 15th at the Richmond Middle School.


  • Complimentary food
  • Music
  • Kids activities
  • Prouty Gear Rewards
  • Commerce Tent
  • Impact and Cancer Prevention displays

Family and friends are welcome, too!

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