Prouty Gear Rewards

The funds you raise for the Prouty fuel research and comprehensive care at Dartmouth Cancer Center. To thank you for your efforts, and to celebrate your fundraising milestones, we're pleased to present the 2023 Prouty Gear Rewards! Prouty Gear Rewards are earned cumulatively, so participants will earn one of each item for every fundraising milestone they hit. So aim high and enjoy your limited edition Prouty Gear!

Prouty Gear Rewards will be available at Richmond Middle School in Hanover, NH, at Prouty Event Check-In on July 13-14 and on event-day on July 15. All participants, including Virtual and Golfers, are encouraged to pick up Prouty Gear Rewards at Event Check-In.

Preferred Parking will be available across from RMS for all fundraisers who raise $2,500 by June 30, 2023. Participants who qualify for preferred parking will be contacted on July 5.

Prouty T-shirt
Prouty Hat

Prouty Jerseys

Prouty Pullover
Prouty Backpack

Prouty Bowl

Prouty Golf Shirt and Hat
Prouty Ultimate Gear

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