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Donations can be made online or checks can be mailed to:

D-H/Geisel Office of Gift Recording
One Medical Center Drive
Lebanon, NH 03756

Please make checks payable to:
D-HH/The Prouty

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the In-Person Prouty participation options this year?

    • Golf – Friday, July 9 at Eastman Golf Links in Grantham, NH
    • Cycle – Saturday, July 10 for a 20-mile ride in Hanover, NH (Start/finish: Dewey Field Lot)
    • Walk – Sunday, July 11 for a 5k residential walk in Hanover, NH (Start/finish: Dewey Field Lot)

    Supportive serves will be available during the In-Person Prouty Bike and Walk to include a SAG stop, medical personnel, as well as bike tech and on-road support vehicles for cyclists.


What COVID-19 restrictions and protocols will be in place?

  • As restrictions have lifted (as of June 25, 2021), we no longer are required to implement assigned start times, masks, physical distancing, or gathering limits.
  • Important note: anyone experiencing COVID-like symptoms—vaccinated or not—should not attend or participate in-person in The Prouty on July 9-11, 2021.
  • Participants and volunteers traveling from outside of New England who are not vaccinated are required to quarantine 10 days prior to the event or test negative for COVID. Full details for visitors outside of New England can be found here.


Can I participate in multiple In-Person Prouty components/events?

  • Yes, please email us at if you plan to participate in multiple in-person events.


What are the fundraising minimums and deadlines for the In-Person Prouty?

  • Fundraising minimums need to be met by event day. $150 for bike and walk, $250 for golf.


Will we be gathering at Richmond Middle School this year for The Prouty?

  • No. There will be no Prouty activities at Richmond Middle School in 2021.


Can I participate in the 20 mile ride or 5k walk multiple times on the same day?

  • No. We kindly ask that if you select participating in our 20 mile or 5k event, you only complete the loop one time.


Can I make my own course from Dewey Field Lot on Saturday, July 10 or Sunday, July 11?

  • No. We kindly ask that if you are participating virtually and creating your own route, please do not start or finish at Dewey Field Lot. We are only able to provide support along the routes we planned, and have been asked by local officials and jurisdictions to keep participants on the permitted routes only.


Can I volunteer for the In-Person Prouty?

  • Thank you for your Prouty spirit! If you are interested in volunteering, please email for more details and to sign-up. We have fewer volunteer needs this year based on our hybrid event model.


Why are the Ultimate, Rowing, and other route options not available this year?

  • The timing to plan for the event, permits and approvals from cities, states, and towns, and the support needed to execute the event presented challenges given the pandemic. Instead we focused on what we can put together safely given the pandemic.


Are dogs allowed at The Prouty?

  • Dogs are allowed at The Prouty subject to the following canine courtesies outlined below:
    • By signing the event release, dog owners agree to assume all liability for any injuries or damage caused by their dog while participating in The Prouty.
    • Dog owners must check their dog in at The Prouty Pup Tent upon arrival at Dewey Field Lot.
    • Dogs that are aggressive or display improper or impolite canine behavior in any way may be asked to leave the event site at once.
    • On the day of The Prouty, dogs must be licensed and up to date on vaccinations, including but not limited to rabies, bordetella, and distemper shots.
    • Dogs must be under control at all times and on a leash (non-retractable and 6 feet or shorter).
    • Dog owners must clean up after their dogs and are expected to bring waste bags and dispose of waste in trash cans.

What is a Virtual Prouty?

  • The Virtual Prouty allows you to do The Prouty anywhere, anyway, anytime! In honor of the 40th Annual Prouty, the Virtual Prouty will run for 40 days between June 1 and July 10. We will produce an enhanced virtual event in 2021 which will include a ceremony broadcast, Prouty Gear Rewards with Curbside Pick-up, a virtual wall of honor, and much more to raise vital funds for The Friends of the Norris Cotton Cancer Center.


Can I follow a Prouty route if I'm participating Virtually?

  • Yes, but please be mindful of physical distancing! Many of our bike and walk routes are popular destinations year-round. We do not want them to become overcrowded and put anyone at risk while doing the Virtual Prouty.


Will I receive a banner in the mail?

  • Banners will be available at Curbside Pick-up. We have also created electronic Virtual Banners and Virtual Bibs that will serve the same purpose download yours by clicking on the image below:


How do I send in my Virtual picture?

  • When you complete your Virtual event, please take a picture and send a high-resolution version of it to Print off a Virtual Banner *Coming Soon* here to show in your photo.


Are there registration fees and fundraising requirements?

  • There will be no registration fees for the Virtual Prouty this year, only for the Virtual Prouty Ultimate and In-Person Prouty participation. In order to earn ProutyGear Rewards (including t-shirts!), all participants must meet the applicable fundraising levels outlined on the ProutyGear Rewards page.


Will I receive a t-shirt?

  • If you reach the first fundraising milestone of $150+ ($50 for youth 18 and under), as outlined on the Prouty Gear Rewards page, you will receive a t-shirt.


Can I still be an Ulti-mate for the 2021 Virtual Prouty Ultimate?

  • No, we will not be having Ulti-Mates for the Virtual Prouty Ultimate because we have already reduced the Fundraising Minimum to $1,500.


As a Virtual Prouty Ultimate, will I still receive a complimentary bike jersey?

  • Yes, bike jerseys are included in our new Prouty Gear Rewards. As an Ultimate, you'll receive the Ultimate jersey instead of the standard one. Look for information about ordering additional kit items in early spring!


Can my Family Team also join a General Team?

  • Unfortunately, no. Our new registration system does not allow you to join both a Family Team and a General Team. You can find out more information on teams here.


Do I need to add all of my family members at the same time?

  • Family members can be added at any time during/or after your registration process.


Can I join a team after I have registered?

  • Yes, you can do this in your Participant Center. Please log in and navigate to your Participant Center. Click "Profile", followed by "Event Options", here you can join a team. If you wish to start a new team after registering as an individual, please email or call 1-800-226-8744.


Can some of my family sign up for the Virtual Ultimate and some sign up for The Virtual Prouty?

  • Yes, each family member can sign up for different events or the same event by selecting the appropriate registration type and event on the registration form.


Where do I, or my friends, send donations or sponsorship checks?

  • Send checks to: D-H/Geisel Office of Development, One Medical Center Drive, Lebanon, NH 03756. Make checks payable to D-HH/The Prouty. The name of the person sponsored should be written in the memo line of the check, or in a note accompanying the check. Click here to download the offline donation form.


Who should the check be made out to?

  • Make checks payable to D-HH/The Prouty. The name of the person sponsored should be written in the memo line of the check, or in a note accompanying the check.


What if I have cash donations?

  • As The Prouty staff are currently working from home, we cannot directly accept cash donations. You can get a cashier’s check or money order for these donations. If you are collecting cash from your donors make sure to get their addresses so they can be sent an acknowledgment of their gift. Contact our offices ( to be sent a contribution form to keep track of donation information.


Can I write a check for all of the cash donations that I have collected?

  • Yes, BUT: if you do this you will be the one getting the tax recognition and not the donors. This is a government regulation that we cannot change. We suggest that you note the names and addresses of the individual donors, then each of the individual donors will receive a thank you and we can credit them with the donation on your donor honor roll.


For donation and tax purposes, what town is the official location for The Prouty?

  • The official “city” for Friends of Norris Cotton Cancer Center is Lebanon, NH, with a zip code of 03756.


How do I find the URL for my personal page?

  • Log in to Click the "Participant Center" button and then scroll down to the "Personal Page" section. Here you can find the URL to your personal page. You can even customize your URL by clicking the green URL Settings button to the right.


How do I edit my personal page?

  • Log in to Click the "Participant Center" button and scroll down to the "Personal Page" section. Here you can edit your text and add a personal photo!


I have registered as an individual, how do I join a team?

  • Log in to Click the "Participant Center" button and then click the "Profile" button followed by the "Event Options" button - here you can join a team. If you wish to start a new team after registering as an individual please email or call 1-800-226-8744.


How do I change my fundraising goal on my personal page?

  • Log in to Click the "Participant Center" button and you will see the "Your Fundraising Progress" section at the top of the page, click the green button to the right, just above your thermometer to edit your goal amount. Enter the new amount and hit save.


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