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July 13, 2024 Hanover, NH

For the first time ever, we have a Mountain Bike route at The Prouty on Saturday, July 13. Enjoy 18 miles of fun climbs and thrilling downhills at Oak Hill. Our Mountain Bike will start and finish at Richmond Middle School and our route is designed for intermediate riders. This event will be capped at 200 bikers with a staggered start as we pilot this new event.

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The Prouty is northern New England’s largest family-friendly fundraising event combining cycling, walking, rowing, golf and more to raise funds and awareness for life-saving research and critical patient and family support services at Dartmouth Cancer Center.

The Jack & Dorothy Byrne Foundation Match is back!

Thanks to the ever-generous Jack & Dorothy Byrne Foundation, everyone has the opportunity to double their impact, increase their fundraising totals, and get closer to achieving our wonderful Prouty Gear Rewards! Every donation made to The Prouty this year will be matched 1:1.

The match is available throughout the 43rd Prouty season, until the match is fulfilled!


“I Prouty for all of our patients at Dartmouth Cancer Center. Every dollar raised helps provide life-saving cancer care and fuel innovative research to one day end cancer. The Prouty makes it possible and I’m grateful to be a part of it.”

Steven D. Leach, MD
Director, Dartmouth Cancer Center
Prouty Ultimate Rider

Why We Prouty


Honored her own cancer journey when she was 19 years old, and the patients she cares for today as a beloved nurse at Dartmouth Cancer Center. Carissa’s yellow ribbon honored every survivor and every patient, and the people who make their journeys a little easier.

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Carissa Morton
Honored her own cancer journey when she was 19 years old, and the patients she cares for today as a beloved nurse at Dartmouth Cancer Center. Carissa’s yellow ribbon honored every survivor and every patient, and the people who make their journeys a little easier.
Keith Ford
Honored his family and friends who have faced cancer, and the fear that comes along with a cancer diagnosis. Keith’s yellow ribbon represented his hope to create a healthier future for his children and grandchildren.
Olive Isaacs
Honored her mom, Lisa, who battled breast cancer and passed away at 45 years old. Olive’s yellow ribbon symbolized her mom’s care at Dartmouth, and her own commitment to help find a cure so no one loses their mom at a young age.
Darrell Philpot
Prouty-ed for many years in honor of others, and this year, he participated for his own cancer journey. Darrell’s yellow ribbon celebrated the medical professionals and the love he feels from The Prouty community.
Bridget Meehan
Celebrated her 20th Prouty, which is impressive as she is only 20 years old. Bridget’s yellow ribbon honored her grandmothers, the family tradition of The Prouty, and her commitment to keep coming back to The Prouty to spread hope to all impacted by cancer.
Lennie Fillius
Honored his lymphoma journey and his wife Mary’s breast cancer journey. Lennie’s yellow ribbon symbolized the immense gratitude they both have for the life-saving care they received at Dartmouth, and his commitment to keep Prouty-ing.

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Top Participants

  1 -  Cycleangelo Klaus Lubbe ($73,160.00)
  2 -  Cycleangelo Peter Mertz ($55,956.90)
  3 -  Cycleangelo Judith Csatari ($50,614.50)
  4 -  Cycleangelo RP Detwiler ($50,500.00)
  5 -  Cycleangelo Barbara Jones ($50,000.00)
  6 -  Cycleangelo Tim Keane ($40,000.00)
  7 -  Cycleangelo Bob Young ($26,731.16)
  8 -  Cycleangelo Jim Gold ($26,653.88)
  9 -  Cycleangelo David Stiger ($25,164.74)
  10 -  Cycleangelo Dani Ligett Capsis ($22,500.00)
  1 -  Cycleangelo Karen Berube ($15,917.10)
  2 -  Big Foot Lynne Mercier ($3,058.00)
  3 -  Geared Up Samantha Bickerton ($2,963.80)
  4 -  Power Putter Karen Patry ($2,179.54)
  5 -  Row With it Carissa Morton ($1,794.76)
  6 -  Row With it Ron Guerin ($1,740.60)
  7 -  Row With it Bette Guerin ($1,640.60)
  8 -  Scott Berube ($1,445.82)
  9 -  Steve Agius ($1,305.80)
  10 -  Squeaky Sneakers Nancy Smith ($1,158.56)
  1 -  Power Putter Dick Mackay ($100,000.00)
  2 -  Power Putter Pam Wright ($9,100.74)
  3 -  Wheelie Awesome Benjamin Barton ($5,841.34)
  4 -  Power Putter Leslie G Powers ($3,446.40)
  5 -  Ned Redpath ($3,087.00)
  6 -  Power Putter Aggie Kurtz ($2,418.15)
  7 -  Power Putter Lynn Kisselbach ($2,240.58)
  8 -  Power Putter Storme Odell ($2,198.99)
  9 -  Power Putter Lisa Henderson ($2,188.84)
  10 -  Power Putter Thomas Simpson ($2,000.00)

Top Teams

  1 -  Dartmouth Without Borders ($263,761.60)
  2 -  Upper Valley Rowing & Friends ($178,387.58)
  3 -  Team Hoss ($164,443.96)
  4 -  Friends of Hanover Crew ($128,433.66)
  5 -  Prouty Animals ($117,711.44)
  6 -  The Dirty Project ($58,399.91)
  7 -  The X-500 ($51,581.75)
  8 -  Grantham Mountaineers ($50,000.00)
  9 -  Team J ($45,995.24)
  10 -  The Founders ($41,301.55)
  1 -  Karens Krusaders ($23,960.61)
  2 -  St. J's Team Hope ($9,046.68)
  3 -  Team Calex ($4,745.56)
  4 -  Team Agius ($1,811.60)
  5 -  Passumpsic Bank ($740.64)
  6 -  Powers Painters ($275.72)
  7 -  Why Wait ($150.00)
  8 -  Al's Angels ($100.00)
  9 -  Rockin Robins ($50.00)
  1 -  Team Mackay ($100,000.00)
  2 -  Local Legends Golf ($10,100.74)
  3 -  Cancer Crushers ($6,841.34)
  4 -  Fearsome Foresome ($6,635.24)
  5 -  Ryder Cup Reserves ($5,781.32)
  6 -  Golf Girls ($5,401.50)
  7 -  Brandy Apple Aces ($5,239.57)
  8 -  Cathy's Cohorts ($4,675.74)
  9 -  Par the Prouty ($4,630.50)
  10 -  Team Max-Field ($4,197.84)
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