Fundraising Tips

When you fundraise for the Prouty, you provide critical funds for research, clinical care, and support services at Dartmouth Cancer Center. You provide hope and care to patients and their families affected by cancer. And you bring everyone closer to the end of cancer.

Whether you're new to fundraising or a seasoned professional, we're here to help you go all in to end cancer. See some of our top fundraising tips below:

NEW FOR 2024 - Jack & Dorothy Byrne Foundation Match

We once again have a fabulous matching program from the ever-generous Jack & Dorothy Byrne Foundation that will be available throughout the 43rd Annual Prouty season until the match is fulfilled. Let your donations go farther - learn more here.

TIP #1: Leverage your Participant Center

When you register for The Prouty, you’ll be provided with a personal participant center filled with tools and resources to help you fundraise. Including:

  • A customizable Prouty Personal Fundraising Page
  • Pre-written emails to request donations and to follow up to say thank you
  • The Prouty App

Teams: You also get a customizable team fundraising page, complete with resources and tools!


Sharing the story of why you Prouty is the best way to increase your fundraising. By adding your story and some photos to your fundraising page, you’ll engage potential donors in a personal and effective way. You can even update your page as you train and inform donors of the great progress you’re making before your Prouty!

Teams: Share the story of why you decided to start your team, and what motivates you to keep going!

TIP #3: LET FACEBOOK (or other social channels) DO THE WORK!

Social Media is the fastest and easiest way to build momentum and reach your fundraising goals. Post everywhere! Social media is a great way to ask for donations, share why you're participating in The Prouty, and encourage others to participate. Simply copy your personal page URL and paste it into a post on the social media platform of your choice. Need help getting your url, check out our how to guide here.

When you post about The Prouty on your social channels, please use our hashtags! #Prouty2024 #TheProuty


Share your Personal Page URL with everyone and anyone. Post it on social, text it to friends, even add it to your email signature all to help get the word out!

  • To find your Personal Page URL, go to homepage and scroll to where it says "Search for a Participant or Team."
  • Enter your name there and click the "Go" button.
  • Click on your name in the search results and copy the whole URL at the top of your Personal Page. This link is specific to YOU!

Teams: You can also use your URL to help people find your team’s fundraising page.


Download The Prouty App and fundraise on the go! The App lets you send donation requests and manage your Participant Center easily from your mobile device. Visit our FAQ page to find instructions on the app and more!


Many employers match funds for charitable causes. Request the necessary paperwork from your employer to get started. If you need to send us paperwork, please send it to:
D-H/Geisel Office of Development
Attn: Gift Recording
One Medical Center Drive
Lebanon, NH 03756

If you need verification from us or a copy of our W-9 form, please contact us by either calling (603) 646-5500 or emailing and we can send, fax, or scan these to you or your company. If you have forms that need verification, send them to us electronically and we will send them to the appropriate development office.

Please Note: Friends of Dartmouth Cancer Center is listed under the umbrella of Dartmouth-Hitchcock Health non-profit status, tax ID# 26-4812335, so your employer would need to check for us as Dartmouth-Hitchcock Health, NOT as Dartmouth Cancer Center or The Prouty.

Additional Fundraising Tips and resources may be found below:

Youth Fundraising - Positive Tracks

If you’re between the ages of 12 and 25, Positive Tracks wants to help you Sweat for Good on behalf of Dartmouth Cancer Center! Apply to Positive Tracks for free counsel on leadership, team building, fundraising, community engagement, cause advocacy, event planning and promotion. Positive Tracks offers a $100 fundraising match if youth Sweat for Good through an event like The Prouty.

Create a Legacy with a Planned Gift

You have the opportunity to count the entire value of your planned gift in the 43rd Prouty fundraising total. Create a lasting legacy and make a meaningful impact for cancer patients and all future generations. For more information, contact Jaclynn Rodriguez, executive director for the Friends of Dartmouth Cancer Center at or call (603) 646-5287.