Fundraising for the HERO

When you join the CHaD HERO you're joining one of the most powerful and FUN fundraisers for our region's children and families! When you register you'll receive access to an online fundraising page and a suite of tools to help you you meet and exceed your fundraising goals - and earn some fabulous rewards!

Download the CHaD HERO fundraising tool kit!

Need ideas or have questions on fundraising? We're here to help! Reach us at or 603-646-5885.

CHaD HERO HQ is here to help CHaD HERO participants take their fundraising efforts to new heights.


SuperHERO Fundraising Tips


Use your personal fundraising page to share your Dartmouth Health Children's story and why you will be participating in the CHaD HERO. While you are at it, be sure to add a photo to your fundraising page. People are more likely to donate to your fundraising efforts when they know why you are fundraising for Dartmouth Health Children's.


It's OK to have a HEROIC fundraising goal. This will help motivate you and your potential donors. If you surpass your goal faster than the speed of light, you can always increase it!


Be the first to donate to your fundraising efforts. This will kick off your fundraising and encourage others to donate as well.


Email your family, friends, colleagues, and neighbors and share why you are fundraising for Dartmouth Health Children's. Let them know why Dartmouth Health Children's matters to you. Start by emailing your close contacts, as they are the ones most likely to contribute to your fundraising.


We are all busy and it is easy to forget you received an email asking for support. It is helpful to follow up with people who have talked to you about supporting your fundraising efforts. People usually need to be asked three times before they say yes and donate.


Take advantage of your social media accounts. Share your fundraising page on Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram. You can even link your fundraiser to Facebook through your CHaD HERO participant center. Tag people who have already donated and thank them while asking for new donations.


Don’t forget to thank your donors when their gift arrives! You can use our pre-set templates in the email section of the participant center or create your own!