2023 Prouty

For The Mamas!
For The Mamas!

For The Mamas

On July 15, we will be participating in The Prouty along with thousands of our fellow community members who will bike, walk, row, golf and more to raise money for Dartmouth Cancer Center. Together, we will go all in to end cancer. 

Our Team: For The Mamas

This is a team where everyone is welcome.  The name, For The Mamas, is to honor the mamas of three close friends, my mama, and their battles with cancer.  All four mamas were being treated at The Norris Cotton Cancer Center.  This is a very fitting name to me also because my mom began her work with the Prouty many years ago in honor of her mother who passed from cancer.  

Thanks for joining me and supporting me! Let’s Prouty!


PS. If you need any help signing up, feel free to contact me at krystafrye@gmail.com

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