Prouty 2022

Slalom Spinners

The Slalom Spinners will be participating in the 41st Annual Prouty. In the past we have ridden 100, 77, or 50 miles on a given day. This year Team members commit to a set number of miles on a given day or, as we did last year, pledge to bike a set number of miles from the beginning of the season to July 9th - the date for the actual Prouty. Many on the Team, including me, are pledging to ride 500 miles by July 9 and another 500 by the end of the season for a total of 1,000.
Please join me and many others by making a pledge to support the NCCC. You can email me a pledge and follow up with a check to the Friends of NCCC/Prouty to me at: PO Box 261, Lebanon, NH  03766 or you can make a donation online at the Slalom Spinners Team page which is at or by clicking the 'Donate Now' button on this page.
Thank you for your support!
Eric "EJ" Janson
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Slalom Spinners has 11 members and has now raised $12,391.22 from 31 donors. Their goal is $0.00.

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