2024 Prouty

Oak Mountain

This year, we will be participating in The Prouty along with thousands of our fellow community members who will bike, walk, row, golf and more to raise money for Dartmouth Cancer Center. Together, we will go all in to end cancer. 
Our Team Stories:

Josh Worthen

"This year, I will be returning to participate in The Prouty Ultimate, biking 200 miles over two days throughout the Upper Valley on July 12-13th. Why? Because Cancer has changed my life, my best friends' lives, my family and extended families' lives, my neighbors and co-workers' lives, even my daughter's classmates' lives. It's around us and impacts all of us. While
treatments are becoming more effective than my father's battle in 1999,
more research and trials need to be done. I need YOU to help me with
this, by clicking "DONATE," WE CAN HELP BEAT CANCER."

Jere Brophy,

"My mom battled cancer for well over a decade, and though doctors at the
Cleveland Clinic kept it at bay and gave her many more years, she lost
the fight once the disease figured out how to get around the test meds
she was on. My wife, Lynne, has twice beaten back 2 types of cancer in
the past 20 years, and thankfully is in remission after many
incredibly painful surgeries and chemo, performed by the magicians at
University of Vermont Medical Center...they walk on water, in my book.

Like everyone else it seems, I have also lost friends and colleagues, and
colleagues' spouses to this disease, so I am proud to again be part of
the Mighty Oak Mountain team, as we do our part to help put a stop to
this scourge. I hope you can help!"

Laura OBrien,

“This year I will be riding 50 miles for the Prouty. There are so many people that I will be riding for. I will ride for all my heroes and warriors that kicked cancers a$$. I will ride for all those courageous family and friends who fought as hard as they could but couldn’t fight anymore. I will ride for all those that can’t because I can. I will ride in hopes that together we can make an impact to stop this horrible disease. Let’s KICK CANCER’S BUTT!”

Madison OBrien, 

“ This year I will be riding the Prouty for all the people that have had Cancer. I will ride for all those that can’t because I know I can. I will ride for those who beat Cancer. And I will be riding for those who sadly lost the fight. I will ride for family, friends, and even people I have never met, that unfortunately lost their lives to Cancer. That is why this year instead of doing just 30 miles I will be riding 50 miles. Let’s stop Cancer and kick its BUTT!”

AnnMarie Miller, 

“I’m riding the Prouty to raise money to fight cancer! For those who have been diagnosed…For those who had treatment and live (me)…For those who are fighting this battle now (friends) and for those who have lost the battle (my dad)!
Please consider supporting me and team Oak Mountain and help join the fight.”

Eileen LaVarnway:

"I Prouty because so many of my family members and friends have been
touched by cancer. Some have survived, and some have not. Supporting
cancer research is very important. I also Prouty because it is so near
and dear to my Oak Mountain family."

More than one third of all people will be diagnosed with cancer at some point in their lifetimes.* It’s a universal problem that touches everyone, including the most important people in our lives. That’s why we have united as a Prouty team to fundraise for cutting-edge cancer research and crucial patient support services at the Cancer Center.  
*Source: National Cancer Institute

There are two ways you can help us  support patients, doctors and caregivers in the fight against cancer:
  1. Join our team! Register today by clicking the ‘register’ button.
  2. Make a gift by clicking the ‘donate’ button to help us reach our goal. Or you can click an individual's name to donate to their personal fundraising efforts.
All funds raised will help fund innovative researchers and clinicians who are dedicated to finding ways to prevent, diagnose, and treat cancer. Prouty funds also provide meaningful patient and family support services that would otherwise be unfunded—such as support groups, massage, art therapy programs, transportation and grocery assistance, and more.

Thank you for your support!
Together we are changing lives. Together we will end cancer.
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