2024 Prouty Golf

Ryder Cup Reserves

Our Story:

The Ryder Cup Reserves are back for our 2nd year taking to the links for the Prouty! We are beyond excited to participate alongside fellow community members in raising money and awareness for the Dartmouth Cancer Center. 

Due to our flair of orange, some are calling us "The Tangerine Dream Machine" with high hopes of performing on and off the course this year. Last year, we finished as a top 5 fundraiser in the golf category and played some decent scramble golf to make the leaderboard. But our 1st appearance was just the beginning for us going ALL in to end cancer. The orange is inspired by the Leukemia ribbon as a reminder of what brought our attention to the Cancer Center. In '08, Cam was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) and began a 4-year treatment journey alongside his family that stood by him with unwavering love and support. In '12, Cam finished treatment and has remained cancer free since. 

We understand at the most fundamental level how important the Dartmouth Cancer Center is for this community, especially those directly touched by the incredible services offered at the clinic. We are proud to participate alongside thousands of fellow community members in supporting the patients, families, doctors, and caregivers fight against cancer! We would be honored to have your support in this journey. 

"I Prouty as a thank you to the cancer center that was able to give my brother the best care possible and to support the children and families going through this now." - Kennedy, The Rising Tour Star

"I Prouty for all of the family and friends I know whom have benefitted from treatment at the Cancer Center and for those who proudly served and continue to serve those requiring life saving procedures in our community." - Beau, The Pin-Hunting Mage

Thank you for your support!
Together we can change lives. Together we can end cancer.
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