2023 Prouty

Clingman's Dome
Clingman's Dome

Salty Riders

This year, celebrating health, Charles and I are hiking the Appalacian Trail. We started our hike at Amicalola Falls in Georgia on March 22nd, and summited Springer Mountain, the northbound start of the AT, on March 23rd. We hope to continue hiking thru the summer and into the fall, and finish at Mt Katadin in late September. We strive to be mentally and physically agile as we roll with the punches the trail throws our way. 

I wanted to continue fund raising for the Prouty because cancer keeps touching the lives of my loved ones. Dartmouth Hospital provided wonderful resources for me in my time of need, and I want to be sure those resources are available to those who have to follow in my cancer footsteps. 

I hope you can help support the Prouty, too. 

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