Go Live to SQUASH Cancer is a fundraiser and all proceeds from this event will go towards cancer research and patient supportive services at Dartmouth and Dartmouth-Hitchcock's Norris Cotton Cancer Center.

Fundraising Commitments

Fundraiser — $100 Fundraising Commitment

Student Fundraiser — $50 Fundraising Commitment

During registration, you will have 3 options for payment:

  1. Pay your full fundraising commitment during registration (you can still raise more money later!)
  2. Pay a portion of your fundraising commitment during registration, and have your friends and family raise the rest for you. If you don't reach your commitment, you can pay the balance on tournament day.
  3. Pay nothing upfront, and raise ALL funds through family and friends. If you don't reach your commitment, you can pay the balance at a later date.

Facebook Fundraising

Build momentum and reach your goals faster with Facebook! Not only will you be able to share your fundraiser with all of your Facebook friends, but this is the fastest and easiest way for your supporters to make a gift. Click here to see our step-by-step guide to set up your Facebook Fundraiser.

Raise $150 easily
  1. Ask three co-workers to contribute $10 each
  2. Get four family members to contribute $15 each
  3. Request four friends to contribute $15 each

You've raised $150!

When fundraising remember...

  • Don't be afraid to ask! You are playing squash to raise money and awareness in the fight against cancer. The money raised by this event goes toward early stage research that wouldn’t be funded in any other way!
  • Set a goal and let people know what it is! If you are playing to honor someone, consider sharing his or her story. Everyone has been affected by cancer and one of the goals of this event is to bring people together and to fight together to help find a cure.
  • The single most effective tool is the personal call or contact. Let people know what you are doing and why! Knock on doors, send emails, texts and letters, post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat - or other social media platforms. Sell cookies, set-up a table at work or local spot and hand out your information. They all work!
  • Remember to write thank you notes to each your donors. This will go a long way, especially when you approach them next year.
  • All contributions are tax deductible. The tax ID is 26-4812335. Include this in all your solicitations.

Positive Tracks

Hey, juniors! Our partner Positive Tracks wants to help you sweat for good on behalf of Norris Cotton Cancer Center at Go Live to SQUASH Cancer!

Sweat for good? By playing Squash to support NCCC, you are sweating for good! If you can dream it, Positive Tracks can help you make it happen, with free hands-on-help and matching dollars.

How does it work? Youth (23 and younger) can apply to Positive Tracks for FREE counsel on fitness, leadership, team building, fundraising, community engagement, cause advocacy, event planning and promotion. Positive Tracks will even match your first $100 raised!

Want in? Apply here. Or contact Liz:, 603-443-6560