C4C Fundraising

Fundraising Tips

  • Don’t be afraid to ask: Remember, you are not paying to go on a motorcycle ride, you are raising money to help cure cancer! Funds raised by this event go towards early stage research that wouldn’t be funded any other way!

  • Set a goal and share it with others: Honor someone by sharing his or her story (make sure to get permission first). Create a sense of community spirit by encouraging a shared goal of beating cancer together.

  • Set up Facebook Fundraising: Connect your personal fundraising page to your Facebook page in just a few steps. Click here for step by step instructions.

  • The most effective tool is a personal call or contact: You can knock on doors, send emails, texts, or letters, or use social media to spread the word! Set up a bake sale or hand out information in a popular spot. Be creative!

  • Make sure to thank your donors: a little note goes a long way, and may help if you approach the same people year after year.

  • Remind donors that all contributions are tax deductible. The tax ID is 26-4812335. Include this in all your solicitations.

Raise $125 Easily!

  • Contribute $15 to yourself = $15

  • Get two co-workers to contribute $10 each = $20

  • Ask four family members for $15 each = $60

  • Request two friends to contribute $15 each = $30

  • You've met you goal! $125

Do you have donor who would prefer to donate offline? Click here to download a paper donation form.

What Donations Can Do

Here are some of the ways your donors can support the fight against cancer. You can share these examples when you make your ask!
Friends Donation Graphic
Click here to download the PDF to print.