Fees & Fundraising

Team Players (all divisions)

Registration Fee — $100 per player

Fundraising Minimum — $50 per person or $300 per team (but we'd love if you can raise more for cancer research and patient services at Norris Cotton Cancer Center!)

Free Agents

Registration Fee — $100 per person

Fundraising Minimum — $50 per person (but we'd love if you can raise more for cancer research and patient services at Norris Cotton Cancer Center!)

You will be asked to pay your registration fee when you register online; however, you have time to meet your fundraising minimum before the actual event in February.

How People Can Donate To Your Team

Online, by check or through Facebook Fundraising!

People can donate to your team online (at www.putcanceronice.org) or they can write a check and mail it to The Friends of Norris Cotton Cancer Center:
        One Medical Center Drive
        Lebanon, NH 03756
*Make checks payable to: DH-H/FNCCC and include the team name in the subject line.

Click here to download the instructions to set up Facebook Fundraising for your team. Please have your team captain set up Facebook Fundraising and then each team member can re-share the fundraiser on their own Facebook pages! Once the team captain has set up Facebook Fundraising, anyone can donate to your team through Facebook until February 10, 2021.

Fundraising Tips & Tricks

  • Don’t be afraid to ask: Remember, a part of this event is raising money to help cure cancer! Funds raised by this event go towards early stage research that wouldn’t be funded any other way!

  • Set a goal and share it with others: Honor someone by sharing his or her story (make sure to get permission first). Create a sense of community spirit by encouraging a shared goal of beating cancer together.

  • Make sure to thank your donors: a little note goes a long way, and may help if you approach the same people year after year.

  • Remind donors that all contributions are tax deductible. The tax ID is 26-4812335. Include this in all your solicitations.

Raise $300 Easily!

  1. Have all 6 team members contribute $15 each = $90
  2. Have each team member reach out to another friend to have them contribute $20 each = $120
  3. Get 6 of your family members to contribute $15 each = $90

You've met your goal of $300!