Maple Leaf Photos

Dan Grossman and Emily Grossman Reilly of Maple Leaf Photos generously donated their time and talents to capture photos of the 2021 CHaD HERO 5K Run. Maple Leaf Photos' 2021 CHaD HERO 5K Run photos can be viewed here. These digital images may be downloaded for free. You may order prints from the site for a small fee. Neither the photographers or CHaD benefit from the purchase of these photos.

Bruce Denis Photos

Many thanks to Bruce Denis, who also graciously donated his time and talent to bring us 2021 CHaD HERO 5K Run photos.

Virtual Participant Photos

HEROES near and far participated in the 2021 CHaD HERO virtually. Here are some of the highlights.

Photo Booth

View the 2021 CHaD HERO photo booth photos!


View the 2020 Virtual CHaD HERO album!