2021 CHaD HERO

Molly's Place Heroes

We survived 2020 with COVID-19,

Grateful and hopeful, thanks to vaccines.

But as we move forward, some things might be slow,

The CHaD HERO, for one, yet here's how it will go.

This hybrid event will be held in September,

The earliest month we can ever remember.

The VIRTUAL dates are 19 through 26,

Walk or run, bike or hike, but WATCH OUT FOR TICKS!

This year, the GREAT news is you can run the 5K, 

Hanover Green, 9/26, is the actual day! :)

So who will you be?  Let's ponder the list!

Batman or Robin, Super Girl or Iron Fist?

The Incredible Hulk, Ghost Rider or Thor,

Wonder Woman, the Wasp, or Fantastic Four?

What fun to decide which hero's for you,

Spider-Man or just maybe ... Thing 1 or Thing 2!

This 16th CHaD HERO supports all CHaD teams,

Including Child Life and Molly’s Place dreams.

Though the format is different, the mission’s the same,

To boost CHaD’s reserves, so they stay in the game.

Let’s all do our part for the children of CHaD

HERO-ON for these kids, and be heroically glad!


We're CHaD HEROES and OUR mission is ...

... participating in the CHaD HERO, a fun and inspiring fundraising event benefiting Children's Hospital at Dartmouth-Hitchcock (CHaD). Please join us in our fundraising mission by clicking the "Donate Now" button on the right.

100% of the CHaD HERO proceeds fund critical child and family support services at CHaD, including the Child Life Program, Molly's Place, and the Child Advocacy & Protection Program and more. 

Your Donation Matters:

Regardless of size, every donation matters, and we sincerely appreciate your support on behalf of CHaD. Here are some reasons we're asking for your donation:

• CHaD serves 85,000 unique pediatric patients annually from across Northern New England

• No child is ever turned away due to financial or insurance circumstances

• Molly's Place provides services to an average of 75 people/day, thanks, in part, to the fundraising efforts from the CHaD HERO.

• The Child Life Program alone is able to serve 12,000 kids each year.

It goes without saying that you probably know a child who has benefited from the fantastic care provided at CHaD.

On behalf of all the deserving children at CHaD ... thank you for your generosity and support.


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