Fundraising Minimums

The CHaD HERO is a fundraising event benefiting the 95,000 kids who receive care at Dartmouth Health Children's. With the exception of Cam's Course, Virtual participants and volunteers, all participants are expected to raise the minimum fundraising amount, even if they are not able to attend the event. It is our goal and intention that participants fundraise the minimum amount by asking friends and family to support them with a donation, and NOT that participants pay the fundraising minimum outright.

Your fundraising efforts help fund critical services that support our young patients and their families. These many non-billable services help kids when they are in pediatric intensive care or managing chronic illnesses, and are so important to the general wellbeing of children and their futures.

Please note: Registration fees DO NOT count towards participants' fundraising minimums.

Fundraising requirements need to be met by each individual participant, not a team total.

All participants are encouraged to fundraise more than the minimum amount. Fundraising minimums for each registration type are:

Participation Type
Fundraising Minimum Due by
October 9, 2022
(does NOT include registration fee)
Cam's Course
5K Walk, 5K Run, Half Marathon - Youth/Student (18 and under or student)
5K Walk, 5K Run, Half Marathon - Adult (19 and over, non-student)

If you have not met your fundraising minimum leading up to the event and prefer to pay the balance with a credit card, you may log on to prior to the event and make a donation to your fundraising page for the outstanding amount. This will save you time at bib-pickup and ensure you receive the proper credit for the donation. Participants who do not reach the required minimum by race day will be asked to pay the outstanding amount on race day. That amount may be paid by check, cash or credit card, although checks are preferred at the event. If it is not paid by October 9th, participants will be responsible for paying their remaining balance.

Cam's Course participants are not subject to a fundraising minimum beyond the registration fee, however fundraising is strongly encouraged.

Donations can be made online, mailed, or brought with you when you pick up your bib. If you are mailing donations, please include a donation form for each donation. Donations can be mailed to:

Medical & Healthcare Advancement
Dartmouth Health/Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth
One Medical Center Drive (HB 7070)
Lebanon, NH 03756

*Please clearly indicate the name of the participant that the donation should support. Checks can be made payable to "Dartmouth Health Children's/CHaD HERO."