2020 CHaD Hearts in Action

Playground design subject to change
Playground design subject to change

Elliot Perry's 121 Club

Committed to building 2 playgrounds for CHaD Kids! 

Our Mission

Our goal through the 121 campaign is to raise $121,000 in 121 days to cover the cost of two playgrounds, one at CHaD in Lebanon and the other in Manchester. 

These playgrounds will help create better patient experience for CHaD kids, allow families to take a break during long visits and build positive coping skills. 

The new CHaD outdoor play spaces will allow great opportunity to develop gross motor skills and allow every kid, no matter their difficulties, to enjoy the playgrounds. 

We cannot do this without you. Please consider making a donation of $121 or more and join this once in a lifetime experience.

We are interested in speaking at your next Rotary Club meeting or with fellow coworkers during break time to spread the word!

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Learn more about Elliot here: About Elliot

Thank you,

Elliot, BJ and Carrie Perry



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