Why We Prouty: Participant Spotlights

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Everyone has been touched by cancer and has a unique reason for participating in the Prouty. We want to hear your story and share it with our community! If you'd be interested in sharing why you Prouty, please fill out this form and we will reach out for more information.

Why We Prouty

Keith Ford

Keith Ford’s year-round commitment to the Prouty as a volunteer comes from a lifetime of watching family and friends face cancer, and losing too many of them along the way. He knows that although each patient’s cancer journey is different, they all share fear, uncertainty and stress. He’s eager to do his part to help provide comfort and a cure to those who need it, and he’s grateful to the Prouty and to Dartmouth Cancer Center for giving him the opportunity to do just that.

Keith Ford
Honored his family and friends who have faced cancer, and the fear that comes along with a cancer diagnosis. Keith’s yellow ribbon represented his hope to create a healthier future for his children and grandchildren.
Olive Isaacs
Honored her mom, Lisa, who battled breast cancer and passed away at 45 years old. Olive’s yellow ribbon symbolized her mom’s care at Dartmouth, and her own commitment to help find a cure so no one loses their mom at a young age.
Darrell Philpot
Prouty-ed for many years in honor of others, and this year, he participated for his own cancer journey. Darrell’s yellow ribbon celebrated the medical professionals and the love he feels from The Prouty community.
Bridget Meehan
Celebrated her 20th Prouty, which is impressive as she is only 20 years old. Bridget’s yellow ribbon honored her grandmothers, the family tradition of The Prouty, and her commitment to keep coming back to The Prouty to spread hope to all impacted by cancer.
Lennie Fillius
Honored his lymphoma journey and his wife Mary’s breast cancer journey. Lennie’s yellow ribbon symbolized the immense gratitude they both have for the life-saving care they received at Dartmouth, and his commitment to keep Prouty-ing.
Carissa Morton
Honored her own cancer journey when she was 19 years old, and the patients she cares for today as a beloved nurse at Dartmouth Cancer Center. Carissa’s yellow ribbon honored every survivor and every patient, and the people who make their journeys a little easier.
Jim Grout
Celebrated reaching the goal he set one year ago while inpatient with a rare leukemia: walking The Prouty in 2023. Jim’s yellow ribbon symbolized his gratitude for the care he received and every person at Dartmouth who supported him.
Becky Luce
Celebrated her breast cancer journey and the new friends and community she found with her CReWbies through The Prouty. Becky’s yellow ribbon represents her hope that one day, every cancer, no matter how advanced, will have a cure.
Troy Weeden and Val Brown
Honored Aunt Gail’s 10-year battle with cancer and her determination to help find a cure for future patients. Troy and Val’s yellow ribbons celebrated Gail’s legacy and their commitment to bring hope to everyone facing cancer.
Jacqueline and Paul Dick
Honored her sister, Caroline, and shared their determination to help others survive.
Marilyn Williams
Celebrated her commitment to help patients beat cancer, and create more survivors.
Dani Ligett
Honored her husband Mike, and shared her passion to give back for the care both she and Mike received at the Cancer Center.
Bob Gerlach
Celebrated his cancer journey, and his pride in being a part of the community that fuels research and brings hope.
Judi Gentes
Celebrated Team Hope and the Indoor Prouty, and the real impact that the Prouty has on patients every day.
Leo Gaudette
Honored his sister, Liane, celebrated his cancer journey, and shared a message of hope to all patients.
Joe Matz
Honored his sister, Liane, celebrated his cancer journey, and shared a message of hope to all patients.
Andrea Gilbert
Honored her mom, Gisela, and her own commitment to help cancer patients, even the ones she’ll never meet.
Dr. Charles Thomas
Honored his mother, Ruth Marie, and shared his commitment to all the patients at the Cancer Center to help them beat cancer.