Jack & Dorothy Byrne Foundation Match

We did it! Thank you to the Prouty Community for stepping up and helping us fulfill our 2024 Prouty Byrne Match – leading us to our greatest fundraising year yet!

We are thrilled to announce our 2024 donation match program! Thanks to the ever-generous Jack & Dorothy Byrne Foundation, everyone has the opportunity to double their impact, increase their fundraising totals - and get closer to achieving our great Prouty Gear Rewards!

Every donation made to The Prouty this year will be matched 1:1

Jack and Dorothy Byrne Foundation


  • The Jack & Dorothy Byrne Foundation match applies to donations of any amount, whether to individuals, teams or the event. Every dollar makes a difference!
  • Match dollars are entered weekly on Mondays. Therefore, if a qualifying gift is made on a Friday, you will see its match on your page the following Monday. Gifts made or recorded on a Monday, will be entered the following Monday.
  • The match is available throughout the 43rd Prouty season, until the match is fulfilled!
  • If you have any question about the match or how it's entered, please reach out to us at info@theprouty.org

Jack and Dorothy Byrne Foundation

As one of the Upper Valley's most important charitable institutions, the Jack & Dorothy Byrne Foundation helps non-profits meet the needs of people throughout the Upper Connecticut River Valley in New Hampshire and Vermont.

Note: all donations no matter the amount will be matched 1:1 through the Prouty season, until the match is fulfilled.